Why Advertise?

The primary objective of advertising is to get the word out that you have something exciting to offer, says George Felton, author of "Advertising: Concept and Copy”. But Advertising is not just limited to that. You will surely find banners or posters of particular products depicting their usefulness while you are walking down a street. When you login on social media, you find ads of the fancy stuffs on your newsfeed. So why is advertising so enormously done? The reason being increased competition among the companies to sell their products. Each company tries to showcase that the services it offers are the best, and the only way to do this is by advertising your product in the most amazing way you can.

Primarily, advertising is done for the following reasons:

1)Launching a product:Advertising is a must-do when you are trying to launch a new product into the market. It is required to be done to let people know that you are providing a particular service that they might need. If nobody knows about your product, nobody will buy it, even it benefits them.

2)Penetrating your competitors’ customer base:You want to let people know that your particular service is better than what your competitors are providing. Ultimately drawing some part of your competitors’ customers towards your product.

3)Building Loyalty:It is required to keep the customers stick to your product by bringing something new to the product and the advertisement. It keeps the sale of your product high and steady in the long run.

4)Building your brand:Advertising helps you in making your small enterprise into well-known brand. The more people know about the services you offer, the bigger brand you become.

5)Being trustworthy:Customer-centric services are essential for being trusted by your customers. Proper advertising of your customer services and feedback media showcases you to be a reliable brand.

Advertising, thus, undoubtedly helps you create a bigger customer base for yourself ultimately leading to more sales and greater profits. With proper marketing techniques, you can launch your firm into the twinkling constellation of big brands. In this ever-so-competitive business era, you are what you show yourself to be. “What looks good, sells good.”-goes the saying.

by Piyush Barskar