Are you thinking about creating a marketing strategy that would launch your product to new heights of popularity? Do you want to build an advertising campaign that would break the social media, television and all other platforms? So what do you choose to be the basic element of your ads- a catchy tagline, a funny and humorous video or something else entirely? Let us take a look at some of the most successful marketing campaigns of the history and analyze what was the reason for their success:

  1. NIKE: JUST DO IT-  Once upon a time Nike’s sales were limited only to Marathon runners. Then the world saw a fitness craze emerge and then the marketing department of Nike decided it was to capitalize this opportunities to surpass their major competitor- Reebok, who was selling more shoes than them at that time. So in the late 1980’s, the “Just Do It” campaign was released. It was an instant hit. Nike’s turnover went from $800 million in 1988 to $9.2 billion in 1998.It was a slogan everyone could relate to whether they were in the gym, climbing stairs or doing anything to gain fitness. The slogan gave a push to them. Nike hit the core issue and it paid off well.


  1. VOLKSWAGEN: THINK SMALL-  Even in the 1960’s the Americans still went for big American cars instead of small German cars. So what did Volkswagen do? They played right into the people’s advertisement- “You think I am small? Yeah, I am.” They never pretended to be something they were not. Consumers recognize and appreciate honesty.


  1. MARLBORO: MARLBORO MAN-  The Marlboro Man ads began running as early as 1955. They tried to build a lifestyle, or a dream lifestyle you can say, around its product. Want to be free? Want to be in the open range? Want to be a man? This was the exact definition of a Marlboro Man. The idea behind the ad was to capture the lifestyle (or the idealized lifestyle) of its consumers.


  1. APPLE: GET A Mac-  The Mac vs. PC debate ended up becoming the most successful campaigns of Apple history, leading to 42% market share growth in its first year. The ad told the customers about everything they needed to know about the Mac without any exaggeration. The key thing in the ad was to make the consumers realize that the product was reliable was very useful to them, instead of just blabbering about the amazing things it could do.


  1. DOVE: REAL BEAUTY-  The simple but effective approach persona marketing in the ad has been turning heads ever since it was released. “Imagine a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety.”- was the tagline of this campaign. The topic was sensitive but meaningful to its customers. While other companies tried to make the women feel that they needed to improve their physical traits to improve attractiveness, Dove guided women to look at what attributes already made them beautiful.


By Piyush Barskar

Sources:, AdAge