The class debated whether one should work within their comfort zone or not.

"You sit, eat, sleep, walk, talk and do every other action in the way that is comfortable to you. Anyway, the actions are done. So why should one break the comfort zone?" Nour, the most popular guy said.

Everyone seemed impressed. Suddenly a shrill voice was heard, "Because success and hard work is not any other action. If it was as easy as walking and talking, every other person would be successful. Your actions will be done. But that will not be 100% performance. The difference between 'ordinary' and 'extraordinary' is just that little 'extra.' "

It was the Principal, whose eyes twinkled as he spoke, even at the age of 70 today when he worked, out of the comfort zone.


Comfort zone is beautiful place but nothing ever grows there. Getting out of our comfort zone is a must for success. It teaches you to tackle whatever mountains come in your way. Once you are out of your comfort zone, a learning process starts. You learn a lot about yourself, your capabilities, your strengths and weaknesses and your attitude towards the course of life. It makes you tough, but humble. It’s magic. You wouldn’t believe what beautiful changes have occurred to you just by stepping out of our usual, normal and smooth way of life.

Simply, your comfort zone is a behavioral space where your activities and behaviors fit a routine and pattern that minimizes stress and risk. It provides a state of mental security. You benefit in obvious ways: regular happiness, low anxiety, and reduced stress. Thus, it has its own benefits and people tend to stick to it. However, leaving your comfort zone brings increased levels of risk, fear and anxiety. The benefits of stepping out of your comfort are increased productivity in your work. You can brainstorm and push boundaries farther than you can think. You will find it easy to accept and adapt to new and unexpected changes. You will experience great personal growth in the long run.

Leaving your comfort zone is not easy. Your mind will always tend to stick to the routine. The trick is doing everyday things in a different way, taking time to compare the benefits and disadvantages of doing something, taking short steps towards the goal and most importantly, believing in yourself.

by Piyush Barskar