Blog - a regularly updated website or web page, typically ran by an individual or a small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

Vlog - a blog in which the postings are primarily in video form

Blog vs. Vlog

     Blogs and Vlogs serve for different purposes, mainly for marketing. Websites such as Tumblr increase the popularity of the topic written. Let’s just get straight to the goods and the bads and the do’s and don’ts which shall be called the blog vs. vlog. Before I continue I’d like to point out technology isn’t ruining society and I applaud the world’s technological advances, it’s a new way of human interaction, so between the two mediums I prefer a vlog because I can play with the editing setting and I’m not a big fan of reading just like the other thousands of people out there.

     Reasons a Blog is cool: A blog is simple and quick, for example a food blog can consist of visiting restaurants (Hooray for food) and write about “How to not look like a tourist when eating in Egypt” by doing this the blog can mention the restaurant along with photographs of the meal and BAM without even knowing you advertised the place and it got 1000+ views. A blog gives readers advice of their experiences, people share their personal opinion about various topics which is a great tool for start up companies, business owners, and professionals in a specific field to gain popularity with future customers. A blog doesn’t need technical expertise because it is easy to set up. Blogs can be posted on WordPress,, Bloggers, or Tumblr and it’s free! Wizzora publishes blogs on and this strategy is beneficial because if the blog is shared on other social media it can direct the viewer to the website where they can access more information of what Wizzora is about.

     How can a blog suck: SEO stands for search engine optimization which is “the process of affecting the visibility of a website, in a natural way where you don’t have to pay for it to be shown”. This process consist of having keywords and tags to increase views. After a while of success there could a group of loyal readers and to keep them interested a blog should be updated on a regular basis. Readers will lose interest if the suspense of the next blog takes to long to be posted. The blogs must be captivating meaning the ideas should be creative and not like the 100th time that blog has been posted like “Retirement Planning” unless it can be written in another context. Use your imagination.

     Why is a Vlog awesome: First of all everything is seen through a video which means NO READING; the information, experiences, and advice becomes highly engaging with the viewer. A YouTube channel and other social media is recommended if vlogging is right for you to take over the web. Here is the part you’ve been awaiting… what is needed for a vlog? You’ll be happy to know that as a starter you’ll need:

  • Camera: any camera is fine

  • Lighting: this is pretty important because no one wants a dark video

  • Microphone: let us hear you loud and proud

  • Computer: of course

  • Editing Software: download iMovie App before moving on to the big stuff

    I hope I didn’t scare you away yet, as a beginner keep in mind there is many economically friendly ways to purchase some of these items, don’t get anything ridiculously expensive. Also becoming a vlogger doesn’t require professional writing skills just computer skills. I encourage all future and present vloggers to have a unique taste, something that makes you stand out to market companies and focus on developing that style.

Why a vlog can get tough:

  • It can be costly at first, but just like any business the future gains exceed the losses

  • Time consuming

Whether you choose blog, vlog, or both keep in mind it’s what you believe what will benefit your business the most.


 by Orkidya Valdez