The Interview

     Ever wonder what kind of employee would help contribute to the company's success? This process starts at the interview, the employer should be in good mood to pay close attention to the body movement and their responses. If the employer just finished an argument with his wife, the person has a high unlikely chance of getting the job.  The employer should be looking for experience, but mainly personality because someone who is hardworking can catch up to the experience worker who isn’t making any progress.

What is an acceptable bad quality? (People are not perfect so if they possess some of these qualities maybe it’s best to let it slide.)

  • They have children. Children for some people are inevitable, but that doesn’t mean there personal life will affect their work life, give them a chance to show the company they can manage to important factors in their life.

  • A tattoo. If it’s a small tattoo that took the whole interview to find then it shouldn’t be a problem, unless their sleeve is covered because the company should aim to have professional employees.

  • No experience, no problem. Everyone needs somewhere to start, but I’m not talking about becoming the CEO the next day just something to start off with and build off of that position. Give the employer an opportunity to enhance their skills, they may be a great contribution to the company. If not, fire them.

  • Stop looking for a perfectionist, they don’t exist. If you’re looking for a person who has a perfect SAT score, graduated from an  college, double majored in biology and computer science you probably won’t find one and the business will suffer from lack of employees.

What makes a good employee during an interview?

  • Be early. The time the person arrives to the interview foreshadows almost 50% of their contributions to their work. Unless the person has an amazing life or death reason to show up a few minutes late then it is not okay.

  • Smile. No one wants to hire someone with a grouchy face, a smile is the best thing a person could wear at an interview; it shows their enthusiasm and optimism for the company.

  • Body movement. Pay close attention to the posture of the person; they should be sitting up straight, not slouching. Also keep in mind the person shouldn’t look constipated either, they should feel and look confident.

  • Be attentive. A quick test to check if they have been paying is ask a simple question of something you just finished explaining. It’ll show that they are really grasping what your saying. Remember to let them know to feel free to ask questions if they have any.

  • Business wear. The person should be dressed appropriately for the interview, for a woman she should wear a blazer and a pencil skirt with dressy pants. A man should wear a suit and tie. The apparel the person expresses at the interview shows partly how much they care about the job.

  • CV. The CV is different for any job position, but some general tips is to ask questions about some of the experiences listed, like “what did you learn?” or “How will you carry that marketing experience to Wizzora?”.

  • Personality. The person should show they are responsible, trustworthy, hard working, generous, and driven to succeed and accomplish.

There are thousands of jobs that are looking for various qualities, but in general the potential employee should show some of these qualities for any job.

by Orkidya Valdez