What is it?

SEO stands for Search Engines Optimization. Basically, it is a process throughout which you enhance your website’s visibility in search engines, such as Google.


Why is it important?

We can list here some reasons:

          -Google has shown favoritism for small business, which implies that you might get ahead of big companies just for being a faster and maybe more effective supplier;

          -It’s local. Google is extremely sophisticated, and only gets better. Therefore, if you have a local business and need to advertise it better, having a good SEO will help you to be a lot more visible for all those around you;

          -Who doesn’t have a smartphone today? It is true that some people still don’t, but it is a matter of time for that to be past in most countries. Also, they now look for information on the web, which they trust. Either if they want to know a good restaurant to go to or a good place to buy bed sheets, the first link they see in their Google research is going to be a good candidate. Be sure to be there!


How to do it?

The process through which Google and other search engines work is pretty complex, as said. However, these tips can help you to move up on the page:


  1. Choose a good keyword

For a specific expression, there can be more than one way to put it on the paper and one of them is usually more looked up for. You can check that out here.


  1. Choosing the title of your page

Now that you did your research, it would help to enhance your audience to put the keyword just as you saw in your title.

But please notice: your title doesn’t have to be exactly your keyword, it should simply contain it. Of course, if you wish, you can make the keyword your title.

  1. Be good

What attracts people is good content. Check out the top 10 results on any search engine for the same thing you are offering. Are you as good as them? What can you do better than them?

Here, you need to give your best to make the best website with the best content.

  1. Update

As long as you have good content, post it. It is always better to have fresh content for both your public and Google. Helps you to attract more people both for quality and for appearance in their search.

  1. Internal links

Connect your best content to internal links, so that people won’t just see what showed up first, they will have a door through which they can search more in your website.

  1. External links

As Google relies heavily on other people talking about you, try to have a good networking and ask for space in other relevant websites.

  1. Use social media

It’s hard to say the proportion which people find content on search engines and in social medias. What is for sure is that they are always using both, so you should be in both.

After releasing some new content, share in as many medias as possible. Get attention from every side and that will enhance your SEO as well.


It’s not exactly easy to begin a good SEO, but Wizzora is expert for that! If you need help, count on us.

Matheus Dutra