Content can be like writer’s block, but it’s the art of communicating with your audience. Creativity isn’t an endless amount of ideas in someone’s head, it’s the imagination of being inspired by outside factors.


     You can’t bake a cake without thinking what flavor it’ll be and googling what are the ingredients to make this masterpiece. What has to capture the customer’s attention? How does the product relate to some of the modern trends? Having these questions in mind, Google is soon to be your best friend. Research is essential to come up with the best content to make it marketable for your audience; create your template or copy paste notes. Research more about the topic and some related factors to get ideas. Take notes.

Research Tips

  1. Pay attention to the Buyer’s taste

  2. Benefits of purchasing the product

  3. Identify your audience and what you want to share with them


     Now that the research is done, narrow your focus and become inspired. Let your imagination run wild, this won’t happen stuck in the office. Take a 20 minute walk in an unknown path, do something unusual, or think of the impossible and write how it could be possible and note anything that comes to mind. This could be the challenging part, but the most fun part to.

Start the outline.

  1. Use your voice, make it your style

  2. Be Authentic

  3. Think of questions and answer them


     It is suggested to make a deadline for when the content would be published to work on the content consistently. Once the master piece has been polished and beautified, it’s time to show your audience what’s in store.

  1. Have non-bias people review, revise, and edit the content . Take every comment as a way a improve yourself.

  2. Be sure when it is published what goals should be met based on the company’s work.


     Show the world your masterpiece! How? Social Media should be the first thing that comes to mind because 78% of people are on it. Some very active social media are Facebook (#1), Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat. These websites are a great opportunity to get the viewers attention for a couple of seconds. Also it increases website traffic because the link would be attached in the bottom.

  1. Join Groups on Facebook that are relevant to your product and post it there

  2. Take photos of the service and results of the product for Instagram

  3. Share the content on YouTube

  4. Interact with other on Twitter if any questions about the product

  5. Ask Instagram famous users to promote your product on their profile


Tracking Performance. Monitor. Winner?

     Track the performance of the views and attention the content has received. Facebook for example has a section where you can view the the number of people who saw it, conversions, likes, and etc. This should be compared to the other social media’s performance to see if all is well. Also compare previous content to the new to see if there was improvement and what customers seemed to like more. Now that you’ve seen the results, how do you know if your content was amazing? If there is an increase in attention then you're on the right track.

Be Creative.

By Orkidya Valdez