Twitter seems to have lost space in the past years, but that is no more than a feeling. Twitter is still powerful and should be a key media for your company. Here is some data to show you what we mean:

      -33% of active Twitter users share opinions about products and companies     

      -32% of active Twitter users make recommendations about products and companies

      -30% of active Twitter users ask for recommendations on products and companies

      -19% of active Twitter users seek customer support via Twitter

      -Twitter users are more likely to recommend and to purchase a product or service than Facebook users

I hope these statements can convince you to join Twitter for your company right now. But then comes the other question: how?

Clearly, you shouldn't just open an account and start posting about anything that comes to your mind. If you want your Twitter account to reach those 33% that share opinions or those 32% that recommend, you should follow some tips not to get lost.


1. Begin with your BIO

You want to brand yourself in Twitter. So, the first step is to let people know who you are before they even go to your tweets. The first step is to write a BIO that matches perfectly what your company does and your mission. Write a message that is as clear as possible and link it to your website.


2.Interact with influencers

Many people in Twitter have the power of influencing other minds about a series of aspects. One of them is related with consuming decisions, and that's where you can take some advantage.

Regularly, people are in discussions about many topics and, if it is about your product or service, or even just related to your company, you can get into the conversation and show that your company is an expert on that (that gives a lot of credibility).



Don't forget to keep posting daily. Tweeter is even more dynamic than Facebook and, for that reason, it requires that you are constantly updating your posts. If you miss your schedule, you run the risk of losing a lot of followers or people can simply forget about you.



People might be saying things related to your company and you cannot miss this. That's your chance to interact directly with them and show you are present and caring.

Always track keywords of your business in the search tools and see if you have an opportunity to be in touch with people that might need you.

Also, never forget to see all the mentions made to you and answer as more as possible (only if they seem like important questions or statements, of course).


5.Only use "We"

It might be you the person that manages the account, but surely the account isn't about you. Because people like to interact to the brand and feel that they are somehow "special", breaking this bond by showing that there's somebody behind the curtain can be disappointing.


6.Make promotions

Engage people with your Twitter by making special promotions for them. You can set, for example, that the next 100 people that retweet some of your posts will be running a special product.


7.Have a support account

If your Twitter account is @company, you should create a @companyhelp. That is a closer and faster way to respond to customers and they will surly be satisfied if you can do that efficiently.


If you are decided to engage with Twitter, don't worry. You already have enough reasons and tips to begin!


Matheus Dutra