To get the sense of how it’s like to work in advertising business, here’s the chance to get the experience through live work with us.
While enhancing your skills, increasing your knowledge, and giving you the opportunity to have the joy of marketing!
You may also take it to the next level and secure a full time opportunity with us.

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I really enjoyed my time volunteering in Wizzora in Alexandria, Egypt. The marketing experience was unique and I gained skills that would benefit for my future endeavors. I enjoyed making a YouTube channel with my friend/co-worker Matheus because I gained team building skills. It's pretty amazing when trying to come up with content with a partner our minds could wander to Mars and come up with the strangest phrases like "Look at that Sexy Shrimp". Wizzora was my first internship so I was really nervous about working with a company who has advanced a lot throughout the years. Amir my boss and my co-workers helped me build some confidence in the work I presented for the YouTube channels and blogs. He is a hard worker and he wants what's best for his company which they have so far. I hope the YouTube channel continues to do well and I will definitely show all my friends back in California. Thank you Wizzora and Mentora!

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When I decided to come to Egypt, I was mostly thinking about the country and the different culture I would explore being in touch with different people. I didn't realize that working in a new environment could be also so different and enriching.
It is nice to be part of a team that really believes in what they do and I'm sure there's still a lot of potential for growing each time bigger. Even more, it's nice to know that you can somehow help them and to see that your work is worth doing.
I am thankful to Wizzora for the opportunity to develop myself and for all the kindness and help with which I was received here. I'm sure I made good friends here and I won't forget any of you. Actually, I didn't only learn many things that will be important for my career, I also learned how to order tea with milk, how to make my tea with milk, how to say the name of the syrian bread and so on (thank you guys!).

I have no doubts I would recommend you to have your internship in Wizzora if you want to learn, work in something that makes sense and be in a great environment to grow professional and personally.

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This is a letter expressing my gratitude for the wonderful time and invaluable learning that you guys have provided me in my short stay. I was a guy with a technical background, hoping to get exposure to marketing field to help in my future studies and prospects. And Wizzora did exactly that. I am now acquainted to all the components of marketing like customer segmentation, marketing strategies, social media expansion etc and some precious entrepreneurial knowledge. Your office is the best place for working. Everybody stays relaxed and chills in whatever way they want to. I think that’s how a person can give his best to whatever he is doing. I never felt like an outsider and a colleague working with you guys, it was just a bunch of friends doing what they do best. And the essential thing is that you completely maintain your professionalism too. You guys are very talented and Wizzora has a lot of potential. Wizzora has very creative solutions to every kind of problem people have in advertising their business and it takes care of the tiniest of things that could help you do that. They promise you excellence and rightfully deliver it.

I only spent 4 weeks here, but I learnt a lot from each and every one of you. I wish you guys all the success and happiness in your professional and personal lives.